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Peer to peer lending with Prosper Loans

Almost anybody with some spare funds to invest can act as if he were a banker!, a peer-to-peer lending (p2p loans) site offers this opportunity to anyone who wants to invest some money. Prosper is the world’s largest, and some say the best peer-to-peer lending marketplace, with more than 1,180,000 members and over $277,000,000 in funded loans.[Read more] [Write a review]

P2p lending through Wikiloan

If you are involved with peer to peer lending or borrowing, you’ll find WikiLoan, a website that offers you helpful tools for the purpose. The website provides a platform to people for lending and borrowing money at acceptable rates of interest. The consumers find this website useful for preparing loan documentation, promissory notes, and schedules of repayment, online reminders and repayments.
Borrowers need to follow a simple system for listing their requirements of loan varying from $500 to $25,000. They mention the rates for availing loan and obtain their WikiScore and invite friends and known people to view their loan requirements. [Read more] [Write a review]

LendingKarma for  peer-to-peer loans

Based in San Francisco, is a BBB accredited company that specializes in offering services to consumers involved with peer to peer loans. The company provided online services to people wanting to borrow money from people that are already known to them. The role of LendingKarma is to assist people in making formal loan agreements, calculate costs, and keeps a track of payments and to send friendly reminders to borrowers.
Primarily, it helps the lenders to formalize their loan agreements, thus doing away with the services and hence the expense of a professional lawyer. [Read more] [Write a review]

Vittana – Another type of p2p lending company

Vittana is a non-profit organization with its headquarters in Seattle. Vittana innovated the idea of student micro-loans. It prompted people from more than forty countries to fund almost 1,000 students. Vittana students study the whole lot from machining to accounting and industrial mechanics to tourism and they have won several awards.
Today, a new generation of young people is concluding their basic education and is eager to do more, but they get stuck. As far as education is concerned, traditional aid has focused exclusively on literacy and primary school. [Read more] [Write a review]

People Capital

People Capital is a company that helps students who seek loan by providing industry solutions with its state of art technology services. They simplify the process of borrowing and lending by employing advanced technology and eliminating the middleman. The student loan platform:

* conforms to student loan, consumer finance and securities regulations
*capable of processing whole loans, peer-to-peer loans and syndications
*offers traditional and proprietary credit underwriting tools, e.g. their patented Human Capital Score projects a student’s future income on the basis of education metrics like standardized test scores, school and major and GPA, which helps estimating the credit risk.[Read more] [Write a review]

United Prosperity

United Prosperity is a web based non-profit micro-credit organization. Unlike other micro-credit or person-to-person lending organizations, they do not provide loans straightaway to the micro-entrepreneur. Instead, the micro-loans are employed for offering a guarantee to the local bank, which is willing to lend money to the micro-entrepreneur. In general, the local bank would lend almost twice the amount offered by the micro-lender’s guarantee, thus offering more leverage than traditional micro-credit.[Read more] [Write a review]